The Adventure Zone: Season 4 Trailer

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    Dive in May 6, 2021
    Animation by Mimi Chiu:
    The Adventure Zone logo by Evan Palmer:
    Season Four logo and album art by Sarah McKay
    Narration and music by Griffin McElroy

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    1. Mallice Vis

      So are the characters we see from the prologue ? *spoiler for ep 2 of the prologue* Like, I think the yellow pilote man could be Fineas, and the lady could be the one who stole things for the batospheres etc... I feel like it gives a whole new sense of discovery in the trailer each time we have another episode, I love it !

    2. Bryan Holt

      When Kingdoms Fall, The sea Provides, a Home for all Beneath the Tides

    3. Sahesh Yadav

      Risk gameler

    4. James Jones

      Damn they knew Travis almost ruined the show dropping this so fast lmao

    5. Olivia Rosario

      I still haven't started Graduation.

    6. ᏴᎬᏞᏙᎪ

      i am engaged to this music

    7. Yvette Torres


    8. Yvette Torres


      1. sokin jon

        Broooooooooooooooo this looks so good!

    9. Yvette Torres

      NO WAY

    10. aola wili

      damn anyone else hear griffin start talking and thought it could’ve been lucretia? anyways psyched for this

    11. Zoffee

      Goddamn im behind.

    12. HELL HELL

      welcome to wet vegas, the wettest place on earth

    13. gioyu comi

      damn anyone else hear griffin start talking and thought it could’ve been lucretia? anyways psyched for this

      1. aola wili

        Oh fuck yes

    14. ghost Subz

      Adventure time vibes

    15. WriterPlaysMTG

      My god I’m gonna use this setting

    16. Explolsive Cake

      I feel like noones talking about the fucking great music Like I know every season has absolute bangers but damn this slaps

      1. gioyu comi

        balance (each campaign had its own charms so im not talking shit to anything im saying this looks like a similar quest system)

    17. adamsransom


    18. Peggy

      I am so unbelievably psyched! I absolutely love the premise.

    19. doliio volay

      betting my life that justin is headless coral head armour character

    20. Cara B.

      Is this a griffin led campaign??

    21. GorillazZilla

      I'm so far behind, I'm still on the first season.

    22. Mae McBride

      Broooooooooooooooo this looks so good!

    23. Hallie Snyder

      oh i’m loving this

      1. doliio volay

        I've run an undersea arc with a lighthearted group before and let me tell you the Little Mermaid and Spongebob references are both unavoidable and immeasurable.

    24. umbreonic


    25. Z.Z. Rose

      i recall them talking about "taz: fish" in a previous minirun (dust, maybe?) cant believe theyve done it

    26. Graham Atkinson

      I've listened to the music too many times I'm glad Griffin is reclaiming clair de lune from c*r b*ys

    27. joseppe

      shrimp heaven is finally a reality, gamers

    28. Fandom Trash

      Oh fuck yes

    29. miko foin

      I’m ready for my boys to fight off Cthulhu with the power of love.

    30. Jacob Cook

      The music is so well synchronized with the movements in the visuals

    31. FireDoctor

      Dammit and im still finishing up amnesty ;-; its nice to have all that to binge but damn all the graduation stuff looked cool then you show me this! This looks nearly as good as balance (each campaign had its own charms so im not talking shit to anything im saying this looks like a similar quest system)

    32. FormalFistFight

      oh man, maybe i can stand to come back to the show now that someone with a sense of narrative and character is running the game again. does this mean they're replacing Travis as a PC as well?

      1. miko foin

        Can’t wait for Janitor Clint!

    33. Patrick L

      *eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee s t o r y*

    34. David Fitzpatrick

      Holy shit I'm so excited

    35. Sofia Ferrari

      How many wanna bet that the coral character is Justin's?

    36. Soaring Heart

      Infinity Train but underwater. That's it. That's the tweet.

    37. HeyThisIsBrian

      I've run an undersea arc with a lighthearted group before and let me tell you the Little Mermaid and Spongebob references are both unavoidable and immeasurable.

    38. Calvin Swanson

      This is just an underwater Skyjacks lol

    39. Bien Batol

      God this theme hits so hard. It’s melancholic, nostalgic, hopeful. Griffin just chose excellence, didn’t he.

    40. ghosttype


    41. Grave Knight

      So, I assume they all live in a yellow submarine...

    42. Ethan M

      idk what the fuck this is but i want in now, where can i watch this show

      1. Star Childer

        its a podcast, but a really cool one so far. if youre into that, just google "TAZ Ethersea", and you should be able to find it on maximum fun and mcelroy family.

    43. Trent Green


    44. ashton ward

      The Adventure Zone presents the fishman island ark

    45. Julie Baker

      I love love love this concept! So stoked

    46. J-Blade

      Ill get back into taz for this. The school one was meh. Couldnt really get into it.

    47. Space Dwarf

      Can’t wait for Janitor Clint!

    48. H Hunt

      Christ ALMIGHTY im listening to the prologue... this is exactly the worst way to do exposition.... TELL TELL TELL TELL This more high-concept this show got, the worse it got...

    49. Feb E

      I’m so hyped for them to kill god

    50. Jehan Shemesh-Rasmussen


    51. Liam Hay

      Can anyone tell me if I need to have listened to the other campaigns first? I've only gotten through the first one.

      1. Liam Hay

        @Feb E Thank you! Not planning on skipping them, it's just a lot to get through and I'm also listening to several other shows, so I tend to wait for a period I can binge. But it'd be nice to listen to this on as it came out.

      2. Feb E

        You don’t need to listen to the other campaigns to listen to this one. Each campaign is separate from each other. The other two campaigns are really good though so I wouldn’t recommend skipping them.

    52. kemokage

      Awesome! Any chance that this season’s title is a reference to the novels by Ursula K. Le Guin?

    53. Homeward

      IM SO HYPE!!!!!!!

    54. mikea hiooi


    55. Hoozelfitz Brown

      I can’t wait till Griffin is 60 and has dethroned David Attenborough and Morgan Freeman as the narrator of nature and existence For a hot second I forgot Griffin made music and thought they hired the Sayonara Wildhearts crew for this piece

    56. Michael

      Wait... isn’t Final Pam trapped in an ocean beneath a devastated world?

    57. Bug Dracula

      griffin found simic hybrids and said "yes"

      1. mikea hiooi

        Yay I can listen again bye Travis good job and all but naw

    58. Jackie

      Damn this music is a fucking bop

    59. Dani _

      Which of these madlads is playing three pieces of coral in a trench suit?

    60. Dani Lawnclippings

      I can't get over how gorgeous the song is :0

    61. Nyam


    62. LYHOstudios

      Wait... wait... I didn't find out about this until THE DAY of its release? Man, I'm having a lucky week

    63. Chris Allard

      That music was so GOOD. The music for TAZ has always been great, but this is next level. Griffin has really upped his game with that score. Beautiful.

    64. l337matt

      Post-apocalyptic? Fantasy? Oh Underground? No. Ocean.

    65. DootDooot

      :000 I'm so excited

    66. Splash


    67. Landon Fisher

      Man, Griffy knocked it out of the park with the music. Reminds me of “Dire, Dire Docks” in the best way. I got a little emotional.

    68. Jonah Lyles

      Does anyone know where I can find the music for the second half of graduation? I cant find it anywhere

    69. Pétros Antares

      Let's GOOOOOOOOO

    70. Jo

      Fuck yes... FUCK YES!

    71. James Aumann

      Yay I can listen again bye Travis good job and all but naw

    72. Andrew Fuller

      Seeing a lot of people who are guessing who's playing which character. Even though the Graduation's trailer didn't have any of the PCs.

      1. Andrew Fuller

        ​@Jonah Lyles That's true, and one of them had the pointy ears of an elf, so you could make the argument that that was supposed to be Fitzroy (since I don't think they ever said that he didn't have purple skin). However, neither of the other two characters had Argo's blue skin and hair, so I think these trailers are created without having heard the episodes.

      2. Jonah Lyles

        Fair but they had a shot that had the three characters standing next to each other which would imply they are pcs, but I'm not sure

    73. Tyoka Bina

      Well well well. Coulour me interested😁

    74. Chris Angelis

      Finally, they'll get some use out of The Cloak Of The Manta Ray. Oh wait

    75. Llew Tree

      This is cute feels like legend of Zelda specifically the zora, meets bioshock

    76. Ling G

      Seems like we're going to the underwater level of taz :/

    77. Ryan Pratt

      I love Armored Coral Person more than anything. I want to protect them with my being. I hope Griffin makes them an NPC

    78. The D and D guy

      LETS GO!!

    79. Sammuel Burnsides


    80. TheBardPrince

      I swear this really looks like a Dungeon World campaign-

    81. stormRed1236

      Um, so steampunk Atlantis? That is freaking awesome!

    82. Sarah Deel

      The Adventure Zone: Bioshock

    83. Michael L

      I’m so ready griffin

    84. Greylokke

      Part of me hopes they end up finding the waterproof car from that one carboys episode where griffon and nick clip under the map and sink into that weird ocean.

    85. Jeffrey Domingo

      Gods I hope there are cute shark girls.

    86. ace wizzard

      this looks amazing! I can’t wait to see what the boys have been working on :D

    87. Kim Christian

      *starfish from finding Nemo voice* Today's the dayyyyyyyy

    88. Pira Piranha


    89. Gabriel


    90. MarioGMan25

      So how long until Ocean Man becomes the perfect theme for a moment in this series? Final episode? Sometime in the opening World-Building, or deep into the D&D half of the series where it somehow fits a fight scene in a "Mamma Mia goes with Lord of the Rings" sort of the way?

    91. Sebastian Lawler


    92. tesla1attack

      The Thalassaphobe in me is gonna fight the TAZ fan in me

    93. Devin Coleman

      Themes I’d like to see: starfish by Peter watts, Cthulhu, obviously, blindsight, Subnautica, and that’s it. But I’d recommend starfish as a starter for anyone interested in the subject.

      1. Devin Coleman

        @nevermind moonchilde I agree, but just so you know, they could do “eldritch” because Lovecraft didn’t invent that word. It’s about 500 years old. It’s just a common word used to describe his type of horror creatures.

      2. nevermind moonchilde

        They wouldn't do anything eldritch bc of the racism. Most of lovecraft's work, including cluthulu is heavily racist. Lovecraft himself is a white supremacist

      3. Devin Coleman

        Commenting to myself I’d say that I’m happy with whatever Griffin comes up with. I’m sure to be pleasantly surprised. !!

    94. Seasaw


    95. Levi Broghain

      Return of the king

    96. Bee

      Imagine being hundreds of episodes behind and knowing you wont see this for years. couldnt be me.

      1. Bee

        @Michael L true, but I still like to watch in order y'know. Its taking me like a week to finish the last episode of amnesty because i keep forgetting.

      2. Michael L

        You can skip ahead because the seasons aren’t connected

    97. Flamn TubbyToast


    98. Homolone . . .

      Tres H2O boys

    99. Daniel Kniffin

      Initially read "Ethersea" as "Earthsea" and got very confused. Can't wait!

    100. Evonne Aguirre

      That music did not have to slap as hard as it does, so good aaaa