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    Get your *Limited Edition* Helluva Boss + Hazbin Hotel Merch HERE ►bit.ly/33ysAje

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    1. Vivziepop

      Get your *Limited Edition* Helluva Boss + Hazbin Hotel Merch HERE ►bit.ly/33ysAje

      1. R C

        They try make money by using anti-Christ merchandise...upside down crosses everywhere... Jesus Christ is the only one that offers everlasting life.. There is no life in hell

      2. Dark Destroyer

        have fun more stuff for me to miss out on cuz I'm broke

      3. Robin Miota


      4. Elizabeth Wagaki


      5. stoopid

        Can we have an update on hazbin hotel? Is it not happening?

    2. Glaxiiッ

      This thumbnail looked like an episode and I was literally so confused. 😂

    3. Damien Gonzalez

      The way he said you don’t need to sleep with the royal owl to get the book got me out of nowhere 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. Lucid Unrest

      yo idk who voiced this but his voice is like music to my ears, but a little jersey-ish fucking mint,

    5. FitFilms21

      😁 vibin.info/rock/video/pqyEp92rZMd4m5c

    6. Lavasaurous

      Wow, even this has a story

    7. Alex the Hopkins

      Please start shipping to Brazil

    8. The Mental Mask

      I just want a pentagon on a black hoodie 😩😩😩

    9. R C

      Only the blind will notice it’s not satanic

    10. Qум uωu

      Y sigo esperando el primer cap de hazbin hotel :"3

    11. Ghost Laser

      Is hazbin hotel still gonna be a thing

    12. Shinari


    13. Namjoon?

      Imagine them making posters

    14. Mango


    15. Mr. Сильвер

      Книга топ 👍

    16. Trapotaku

      Coño!, Por qué no se inglés ;;

    17. Ben Jamin

      Y did they put details to her tt

    18. Mimi M

      These are so creative I love it

    19. ‐

      In my country it cost $50 for shipping so I can’t really buy it cause I’m very broke

    20. Da best Soda

      This does not deserve to be trending

    21. [SF] MUFFEN


    22. LimboJack

      Got my Striker mat, and Vortex and Loona pins ordered. Loving the show and the characters. Happy to support!

    23. ya boii skelly

      We wanted fizzo plushies and instead we got a grimoire.

    24. foxybot12 3

      What even happened to hazbin are you guys making episodes?

    25. Richard gaming Game

      “I’ll take your entire stock”

    26. Jo Jogan

      can u guys at first show us maybe, first season of ''Hwlluva Boss''? or "Hotel Hazbin"? And then try to sell merch for fans?

      1. Alia Ntasya

        I mean,,they already have abt 5 ? Episodes of helluva boss,,ssoo y eah


      2020 angel number

    28. silver fang115

      This series is amazing and each voice actor fits perfectly with each character.

    29. Austin Scrivner

      when is the Hazbin hotel episodes gonna come out?

    30. Coolcozcole

      When are u making hazing hotel episode 2

    31. NoobyTheAwesomeDude

      how long hazbin hotel ep 1 gonna go out

    32. Sir Scrubington

      Tomar it’s you

    33. LetMeExplain

      " It's deeply upsetting "

    34. XWespX

      Get your Physical Silver now, they dont have enough Silver for all, Great Reset - the riches lose everything

    35. Percy

      Is there no more of blitz doodle pins? Or am I just not seeing them.

    36. a queer you should fear

      I'm really sad. My birthday's on May 29th so I won't have bday money to spend smh

    37. Megan Prater

      Just ordered the versosika shirt 👀👀

    38. clint eastwood

      I sadly can't find the grimmore

    39. Kroniz- 17

      His voice sounds like a comedian 😂😂😂😂

    40. choooney2020!!!!

      you left nothing for hazbin hotel how do you expect much to sell for it when you make no eps for it

    41. IM_DJ


    42. Chibi Pup

      Ordered 3 Items! ^^ Excited for more Episodes of Helluva Boss! Offically Hooked into this series now and excited for me!

    43. Eric Cartman

      When are you guys going to work on hazbin??😭 I love helluva boss tho

    44. peka 153

      hola panas

    45. Egg Mindustry

      The merch is amazing but I got no money :(

      1. KarX Music

        Not you only 88% of us are the same

    46. 2021 in a nutshell

      Where's the hazbjn hotel news

    47. Jack Atwood

      Waylon Jennings.

    48. Breakfast Donut

      What happened to hazbin hotel?

    49. Ángel DUTS

      Guao cuol

    50. Oliver Twist

      Please take your time on the episode. I miss the quality if episode 1 it was aw inspiring. Less so with the new ones.

    51. video academia

      Oh f#$k me my mom won’t let me do it

    52. MR. Lucky

      Okay I looked at the website where is the gold Grim notebook because I'm not finding it on your website and whenever I look it up specifically it says it's either it doesn't exist or it just isn't there can we fix that please I really want that book

    53. Valerie Dluhos


    54. FrostbiteGuy420

      Does anyone know if the shirts are 100% cotton?

    55. Dj Zekrom

      But... where’s hazbin hotel at..? Come on man..

    56. NicoleGoesFl00p

      When u wanna order a shirt but ur parents might question you

    57. Richard Kerr

      Hey vizier can helluva boss and harbinger hotel meet or no pls choose

    58. Magikkal

      Me trying to pick out the least cringe shirt so nobody questions me

    59. cruz jimenez

      I wish I could but I can't ☹

    60. Robin Miota


    61. FreeSorin

      NO I missed the Alastor pin and the Grim. Disappointment!

    62. flex_tape_clear

      Tomar thats you!

    63. Samuel Synth Sandolo

      Are all of the pins only here for a limited time too?

    64. Sameyjo OwO

      I really need these

    65. GeneralJaeger 3227

      from this guys description im assuming that this video will be an hour long. I hope so

    66. Caleb Pavez

      When is hazbin hotel ep 1 coming

    67. timothy smith

      Are you still doing hazbin Hotel episode two

    68. Dannywolfblood


    69. Sashiro Golden Heart

      Creo que mis riñones no son tan importantes... 👀💕💖✨

    70. Keelorlen Vlog

      im just waiting on Ep 2 of hazbin hotel

    71. saul gaming

      god dam fury's

    72. Cami Cam


    73. Mayela Reyes Serrano

      I might as well buy one, but my budget 😢

    74. Lilly M

      no hazbin hotel update?

    75. Sahara Lawver

      I’m kinda mad that they’re selling Hazbin Hotel merch but...where’s our actual Hazbin Hotel content??? :’)

    76. V Ø I D !

      I'll buy once I yet money ♡

    77. Kagamine Len

      Habizin hotelele

    78. Dominic Angell

      Can you make more hazbin hotel pls

    79. mhay-mhay


    80. Elizabeth Wagaki


    81. Papa Frank


    82. ourforgiveness *com


    83. Magmagan

      I hope Vivz isn't struggling to push out new episodes, I got my eyes on that Stoals puzzle set. Would look great on my wall Edit: wtf it sold out already

    84. EthanVDrawz

      Like 2 years of hype for Hazbin Hotel and is immediately demoted to a webcomic, then immediately announce a new show and create 5 episodes in half a year? fucking bullshit dawg. I was excited for Hazbin and even went as Alastor for halloween. Damn.

    85. saioumaメキシコ

      Quiero todo eso (*°∀°)=

    86. Heaven Marquez

      Since i saw the thumbnail i clicked immediately while not seeing the title but now i thought it was a new episode but nah

    87. john coffman

      Why is there so much self promotion in the comments

    88. Demolisher 2256

      id buy some of your stuff buuuuut smallen plushie

    89. DioDoo

      Okay hear me out I love the series and wanna support it but im a quiet person who likes quiet merch, if you can put like a emblem or a symbol or a phrase somewhere on a hoodie ill buy it.

    90. Ash

      I really hope the notebook gets re-released. And if I can make a suggestion, that the line spacing in the notebook be made thinner (my handwriting is large). While I absolutely love the t-shirts, I am running out of drawer space and won’t have a lot of time to wear them post covid. My job requires more formal attire. Viv, if you do decide to release notebooks in the future, I will definitely buy at least one. I’ve tried many ways to deal with my anxiety but the most effective method I found so far is journaling. I feel grounded when thinking about what I’m going to day and feeling the pen and paper in my hands. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I would really appreciate it.

    91. Strahinja Šepa

      I would like hazbin hotel new episode to come earlier, but... and helluva boss is good

    92. spik330

      to be fair, i didn't really like the episode 5s 2d to 3d stuff.

    93. Your_Local_Nobody122

      Ok very good but... *Where Striker Themed GUN?*

    94. EJAY JUSTO

      Im suprissed that they got Norman Reedus to VA Striker

    95. Tom Jackson

      Pre-order something before my birthday? Check!

    96. Hey it's keria

      The ignorant cathedral qualitatively cycle because target presumably repair pro a pathetic tank. jolly, spotted dragon

    97. Supernova

      Take my money. Just take it all.

    98. Hellfire 1512

      What about Hazbin hotel show?

    99. Aaoron Desatria

      *sad christian noises*

    100. snyperbro_ 808

      As much as I love this series, I’m still waiting on the main one, Hazbin Hotel. Kinda hoping they would release the first episode since only the pilot came out.