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    ⚡️ And now I’m feelin’ it, feelin’ it, feelin’ it, feelin’ it, when I see your face

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    ▶️ Rival

    ▶️ Cadmium

    ▶️ Harley Bird

    🎤 Lyrics: Rival x Cadmium - Feeling It (ft. Harley Bird)

    [Verse 1: Harley Bird]
    Time stood still when you said those words
    You stabbed me in the heart and it still hurts
    But the pain of losing you was not the worst part
    It was knowing how you played me from the start

    [Chorus: Harley Bird]
    And now I’m feelin’ it, feelin’ it, feelin’ it, feelin’ it
    When I see your face
    Oh, I’m feelin’ it, feelin’ it, feelin’ it, feelin’ it
    And you won’t erase
    Ooh, the heart you want is gone, you made sure of that
    Ooh, that part of me moved on, no taking it back
    No, you’re not getting me back

    [Drop: Harley Bird]
    No, you’re not getting me back
    I’m feelin’ it, I’m feelin’ it, feelin’ it when I see your face
    I’m feelin’ it, oh, I’m feelin’ it

    [Verse 2: Harley Bird]
    My mind’s still all out of sorts
    Your words cut me in two like they were swords
    But the dream of you and I it was enough
    To keep me pushing forward into love

    [Chorus: Harley Bird]
    And now I’m feelin’ it, feelin’ it, feelin’ it, feelin’ it
    When I see your face
    Oh, I’m feelin’ it, feelin’ it, feelin’ it, feelin’ it
    And you won’t erase
    Ooh, the heart you want is gone, you made sure of that
    Ooh, that part of me moved on, no taking it back
    No, you’re not getting me back

    [Drop: Harley Bird]
    No, you’re not getting me back
    I’m feelin’ it, I’m feelin’ it, feelin’ it when I see your face
    I’m feelin’ it, oh, I’m feelin’ it

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    📷 Chris Henry

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