FPX vs EDG Highlights ALL GAMES LPL Spring Semifinals 2021 FunPlus Phoenix vs EDward Gaming by Onivi

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    FPX vs EDG Highlights ALL GAMES LPL Spring Semifinals 2021 FunPlus Phoenix vs EDward Gaming by Onivia
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    1. 성빈

      32:57 쇼메가 경악한 그 콤보

    2. technicalleon

      Pretty fun series. I don't watch much LPL but I'm always happy to see Doinb have a great match.

    3. Roger Atienza

      32:59 satisfying asf

    4. Vincent Fan

      33:03 look at this man drinking from his cup immediately after getting one of the cleanest solo kills I've seen on akali Doinb is built different

    5. Vincent Fan

      very creative casting! love it

    6. Vincent Fan

      20:47 ... that jayce combo every jayce's wet dream

    7. Thang Nguyen

      Semifinals or quarter final?

    8. Jekso

      DoinB is truly a world class player

    9. grey van

      너구리 멱 살씹캐리햇네 헐 중국 가자마자 바로 우승 멱살하누

    10. GOOZ

      i really think fpx will win against DK, nuguri and doinB are just so strong, like showmaker was so good with nuguri also

    11. Diffuusio

      I regret watching the HLs. This looks like amazing series!

    12. Melih Ercan

      08:32 nuguri shit moment

    13. Melih Ercan

      why quality is low

    14. Plato is lit

      Doinb akali is so clean

    15. Bastian Valero

      33:00 Camera has to be with some delay ofc, but Doinb! that looked so fkng disrespectful HAHAHH

      1. I'm just here to simp for Saya

        I thought so too, it looks so swag.

    16. Victor Lin

      FPX vs DK is the match everyone waiting for

    17. Shoutzout K

      Wtf is viper doin 😂

    18. Stephen Anthony

      Massive throw in Game 4 by EDG

    19. Nicholas Lopez

      EDG’s Game 5 draft was like watching them roll over and die before hitting the rift

    20. Umut Akın

      32:45 why there is 2 axes ?

      1. Juno Ash

        This is World champion hack

    21. Umut Akın

      20:46 damn that burst from sylas and jayce

    22. Bowserguy62

      I have a feeling that Summer 2021 for all the regions and their teams will be very interesting and that Worlds 2021 is gonna be very hype like it was in 2018 and 2019

    23. Wun Free Music


    24. Max Jigglypuff

      Imagine if doinb can play zoe, syndra and azir. Hopefully, he gains more confidence in teamfight after this. Despite the outplay in g5, he did miss r, q and didn't e gragas in g4 at blue buff which should have been an ace if not a triple for his akali.

    25. vvave

      imagine these lpl team meet with lec teams lmao lec teams are going to be beat up so badly

    26. 라뎃이 fan

      잘하는데 뭔 담원이랑 비교하냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ어이가 없네 막장 인데 경기만 봐도

    27. 007

      8:18 It's CatFish not Frog LMAO 😂😂

    28. Patrick Balusa

      Wtf is in 35:07??? Donald duck?

    29. Daryll Cruz

      If EDG made it to finals again and lost, Viper really has a connection with 2.

    30. Pau L

      도인미 ㅁㅊ ㅋㅋㅋ 아칼리 개잘해

    31. Thucuc Nguyenthi

      Nuguri is so good 💯

    32. Eric Nacilla

      Doinb if he wins 2nd worlds he will be one step closer to faker then he might become the best if he keeps winning

    33. Eric Nacilla

      I can't wait for DK vs FPX mark my words if they stay this kind of momentum they will meet at worlds 2021 finals

    34. Llaverne Bayadog

      Everytime Doinb hugs Nuguri .. Feels like a truly respectable man. Go FPX Fly again.

    35. Wojciech Kolek

      Nuguri is a beast. Damwon did huge mistake when they let him leave a team.

    36. Miguel Angel Muñoz Salgado

      Como el ave Fénix! Grande fpx 🖤

    37. Man Dinh

      32:58 looks like doinb barely even trying, casually taken sip of drink right after pressing r lol

      1. Jekso

        ​@Pavel Martinez Of course it is, they have a special riot client for official tournaments where you can spectate in live, he just sip after a solo kill here

      2. Pavel Martinez

        Its not at the same time de cameras of players with the game...

    38. 별저하늘의

      Amazing Akali

    39. Vincent Zheng


      1. illumination SHI


    40. DatACB

      Doinb 33:03 drunk coffee LOL.

    41. Täuschung

      I hope to god that the top 3 teams keep this form for summer and go to Worlds, man I can't get enough of LPL.

    42. 1-800 mechanics

      Fpx vs Damwon in MSI finals imagine

    43. Kahn Yoo

      i said in prev comments everytime, it's always gonna be a Nuguri diff

    44. 스댕유


    45. 역시너구리야!

      ㅋㅋ보니까 젠지선에서 정리 될듯

      1. 역시너구리야!

        @라뎃이 fan ㅇㅇ 솔직히 칸커페테케나 각성쵸비한테도 발릴 거 같음ㅋㅋ

      2. 라뎃이 fan

        ㄹㅇ ㅋㅋㅋ잘하는 건 맞지만 개막장임 담원이 늘 그랬듯 대떡할듯

    46. 규호문

      Tian is too shy to hug nuguri yet 😂

    47. Ying Li

      I don't know, if EDG wants to step up in summer and worlds, they should upgrade their jungler.

    48. 씹선비

      너구리 도인비 케리 미쳤네 ㅋㅋ

    49. I'm just here to simp for Saya

      Doinb may have underperformed sometimes, but you can't deny that his high octane morale boosting was fucking overpowered.

    50. Carlos Alejano

      DoinB Smiling before game 5 is scary like this is not good for EDG

    51. terry luo

      the lpl is so exciting to watch, the region with the most exciting outplays. Now I find I get bored when i watch NA games :(

    52. AAA WA

      One game I said WOW Scout is insane he is playing so much better than everyone, then the next game it’s Doinb that smurf on everyone All these 10 players are just so good I love Viper and Nuguri so I’m happy one of them will win LPL next week Happy to see Tian doing well and not burning out from stress

    53. 이응노

      너구리 빨 오지네

    54. 유동욱

      너구리 도인비 미쳣네 ㄷ ㄷ

    55. Steven Lin

      Khan doesn’t fit into FPX’s comp. FPX needs a team player not a 2000 LP solo q player. Last year they didnt even make it into worlds this is the time to see 2019 world champion vs 2020 world champion. Im excited!

      1. Siddhinath Pawar

        Tian was heavily underperfroming tho

    56. Lost Stars

      Fking LS said S9 is the probably worst champions ever besides Samsung. They beat his lover nemesis’ FNC 3:0. They beat G2 3:0 who were hyped all year long. You saying they are the worst. So how garbage was the competition :)

    57. TheGodron

      Doinb seems like such an awesome teammate to have....the way he high fives and hugs his teammates after the win

      1. Nandonut

        @李啸凯 yeah, maybe not so great a teammate when he reads donations trashing tian as he sits right next to him lol

      2. NVD Prettyboy

        @Kosaken fyehxhdbjfdu

      3. Khôi Nguyễn

        @Alien yea true Faker is kinda lowkey. He barely mentions other players such as Smeb or Bjergsen even when asked

      4. I'm just here to simp for Saya

        @Howie Chang the QG drama might've been bad but Faker actually didn't criticize him.

      5. Alien

        @Khôi Nguyễn Sounds bs. Faker doesn’t really trash talk other players. During Worlds 2019, Nemesis did call Doinb one of the worst midlaners in the tourney, and then FPX ended up winning worlds.

    58. Polystyle Shaping

      game 3 draft is a bit of a head scratcher but man.....you really feel like getting an LPL title is like climbing Everest. You have to face so many good teams so many times. In LCK, DK just 3-0 everyone gg easy go home early eat dinner.

      1. AAA WA

        Yeah LCK is boring I was hyped because I thought the finals would be T1 vs DK and T1 looked good enough to beat even beat DK but they got stomped by GEN and GEN got stomped by DK

    59. Mikel Hector Salgado Gonzalez

      Jeje legit threw game game 4 by giving away their lead with that river fight

    60. KenBjerg

      38:36 appreciation.

    61. Doãn Đại Hiệp

      The King come back. FPX Sofm...

      1. Ngoc Tuan


    62. Penidea

      Nuguri the best top lane of the worlds shows the class difference!

    63. Quốc Tiến Nguyễn

      Nuguri so better than other toplaner in the world

    64. Ehsan Ullah

      I dont understand these 1-sided 3-2s in near finals, how do you roll over and give up a game or 2 with little to no efforts to maintain the snowball by engages that threaten your lead when you can smooth transition to end the gane. Its only a matter of time until a lower seed notices you're fuckin around and will put you down for good. These aggressive fights only work when the players shit their pants, Bin got a little confident and SN ran down these 3-2 finalists

    65. văn tâm phan

      just count how many bo5 FPX will go through if they could win LPL .5 bo5 over two weeks .damm it i love lpl tournament .They made more matchs for fans and were creating a monster champions no matter who win .this is actually extremly split on over the world

      1. Kosaken

        Yeah in this absolute teamfight meta the other regions seem too slow. I think LPL and LCK (only top teams though) is where its at this season

      2. genuu lala

        @Wada Ya regardless of the fiesta, LPL is the region to watch for some entertainment league

      3. Wada Ya

        In my opinion lpl is the best split worldwide. So much action the entire gametime.😁😁😁

    66. ryze enjoyer


    67. Rafael Santana

      Nuguri is a monster

    68. Scawt sauce

      Sylas with unbreakable will can legit 1v5 lmao

    69. Scawt sauce

      Remember when Nemesis said DoinB was the worst mid at worlds?

      1. Ricardo Hoàng

        @Matthew Pundamiera Why excusing his words when he's just a random streamer for Gen.G? Gen.G will let him play at LCK Summer? 🤔🤣

      2. Matthew Pundamiera

        out of context, he did say “worst mid laner” but he meant, worst mid at landing because doinb’s style was roaming and affecting the map that worlds. not generally lane dominance

    70. 김무갬

      너어..구리!! ㅈㄴ잛핣넯

    71. Glitz

      NUGURI is out of place

    72. Văn Tín Nguyễn

      Nuguri quá đỉnh

    73. Cáceres Alejandro


    74. Hongming Li

      nuguri in the cam is like playing mobile phone during the match

      1. Annie

        @Kaleb Charlie you’re a terrible friend

      2. DioLum


    75. Rico Sun

      Qiyana should never be allowed to be played in a professional game. The ultimate is just tooo powerful in team fights

    76. Ayime

      DK vs FPX MSI Finals

    77. Roy Docog

      At the start,edg looks so sharp and very scary...but at the end fpx remain at the top...decision making in team fights..

    78. K W

      Nuguri winning on his first season in lpl is insane..

      1. GodTube TV

        @Tenzin FPX at this point is the final boss in EDG and RNG's perspectives. In FPX's perspectives, EDG and RNG are just another team to beat. (since they already both beat them)

      2. Bandoleiro Loko

        Cara sai do gold primeiro depois vem opinar seu mimaco

      3. Ricardo Hoàng

        @Tenzin Your "final boss" point is beyond confusing 🤣

      4. Azizk 1

        @Tenzin who's the final boss

      5. AAA WA

        If Viper wins aswell, it’s also his first season in LPL

    79. 김진재

      two koreans can WIN

      1. hyh 0000000

        All hail to Kim Jung-Un! Korea namba wan!

    80. Jerry PenGy

      4:16 Caster POG

    81. zko

      EDG just tossing Draft 5 to the NARAM RNG Jesus out there... Holy shmolly. Gift wrapped that final for FPX.

      1. Lenius

        I think their mental went boom. Who wouldn't when you had such a huge lead in game 4

    82. Guyn Huỳnh Công

      This is the team that i have confidence facing DK, EDG just like RNG has a lot of history choking at international matches.

      1. ywunbabushka #7

        @I'm just here to simp for Saya nah dont worry about fans they will just type damwon so, bad geng lost to this? xd there is no real fans except koreans themselves

      2. I'm just here to simp for Saya

        DK fans shouldn't let their ego inflate ngl. We don't know, but the higher you fly, the harder you fall.

      3. ywunbabushka #7

        @Polystyle Shaping Dont be sure about that since lck wanst that hard this year. There was no real competition between damwon and other teams due to other teams underpeformed not damwon played unmanagable

      4. Cong Dat Dinh

        Mình nghĩ out rừng hơi nhiều nhưng cũng rất mong chờ

      5. Ricardo Hoàng

        @Polystyle Shaping ShowMaker wanna face Nuguri at MSI and that's the main point

    83. 이기혁

      38:29 I love this moment

    84. Keg Barrel

      Another song for phoenix

    85. 서정표

      정글이 ㄹㅇ 병신인게 녹턴 선픽하고 티안상대로 정글차이 ㅈ되게 냄 ㄹㅇ 세최정이다 물론 탑도 장애인

    86. Mohamed Oshiba

      Everyone saying doinb but sleeping monter nuguri, damn like you can always count on this boy

      1. Guyn Huỳnh Công

        @Mohamed Oshiba Both Tian AND Nuguri pull the comeback, stop being such a Nuguri fanboy, this is a team game ffs.

      2. Mohamed Oshiba

        I was amazed when tian awarded mvp in 4th game have you seen nuguri on jayce?? He pulled the come back so hard i chocked when i saw it was mvp tian 🙄

      3. Phong Mai

        How are we sleeping on nigiri. The whole split we were praising nuguri, doinB had a great serie, give him credit

      4. hyh 0000000

        But Tian got 5 MVP just in this playoff. And no one mentioned about it. But as long as FPX win a game. People creaming “nuguri”. Who is been sleeping on

    87. On

      fantastic! they may dominate MSI

      1. CJ Sarcia

        can do defeat DK?

    88. Aubrey Graham

      Gratz to FPX. Truly well-deserved and imho I would really fancy seeing them duking it out with C9 and Damwon at MSI

      1. William Schlass

        @Aubrey Graham mobile client mess up i guess reply to wrong comment

      2. Aubrey Graham

        @William Schlass What?

      3. William Schlass

        Bro... im from NA and even I have to admit our teams will get slaughtered by everyone

    89. Nguyễn Đậu Hoàng

      Look at Doinb. He's comming back for be the King 😄

      1. Wada Ya

        Its just stupid to compare every mid laner to faker..when fpx won 2019 worlds it was because of team synergy and bit of macro. In addition, prior to the 2019 playoffs all if not most "analysts" were writting the off, most were voting for g2. Doinb during that time defied the usual mid lane persona by using non meta champs...

      2. Ehsan Ullah

        @Czar Nicole Parcutilo yes, when that player has a worlds MVP, 3 worlds, 2 MSI, 10 LCK under his belt and also reigned terror on your favourite region so you tell me why he shouldnt be compared with Faker or why Faker should not be iconic ? The only reason people compare with Faker now is because he is past his prime. You say washed as in he has been worst these past 5 years, he was 2016 MVP, carried 2017 and made 2019 semi finals. The facts are there, so go on and defend yourself with the only response you have left.

      3. sillanbae :3


      4. Czar Nicole Parcutilo

        @김선규 Bruh is this how iconic faker is that if you are becoming a good mid laner u should 1st be compared to faker? I mean we all know faker is already washed and at his worst rn.

      5. Yoyo He

        Look at him drinking water after diving Ori under turret

    90. PixelProduction

      at 33:00 u can cleary see how doinb set his headset up meanwhile he is diving scout under tower what a legend

      1. MoonNeko

        @Lenius not ahead but 5 seconds after

      2. Lenius

        The cameras are 2-4 seconds ahead of the game

      3. 강병주

        You are kidding right? Obviously there is a time lag but sure looks that way lol

      4. PixelProduction

        also scout accept his death already there u can see it xD

    91. Revenge ff

      Everyone say doinb carry but dont look at only game 5, dont forget scout sylas. I think scout-viper better than doinb-lwx in the series but fpx macro game and teamfight better than edg so series 3-2 so close. Edg-Fpx lpl final we will watch pleasurable series again.

      1. Lenius

        Thank you. I'm blushing

      2. I'm just here to simp for Saya

        @Lenius Saving whole playoffs while risking his health, yep not a top tier jungle for you mate. You must be a rank 1 challenger in Korean super saiyan god kayoken x10 ultra instinct server universe 7.

      3. Nhã Trần Thanh

        33:05 doinb flexing on both jiejie and scout in the turret at game 5 in the semi final and take a sip afterward ? yeah but still not a "world class" or anything.

      4. genuu lala

        @Azizk 1 its been like the talk for years now, lots of people said that fpx is the worst team to win the worlds, its probably because they dont have that "mechanically gifted players" and all those stuff, i dont totally agree with that, i like the way FPX won the worlds last 2019 and you can't deny that they are the best team that year, but like what that guy said, its obvious that FPX players aren't the best players in their role in lpl. except nuguri i guess.

      5. Azizk 1

        @Lenius i don't think that's how it works

    92. 小L看天下

      FPX in their PRIME is the only team on planet earth that can beat DK in a BO5

      1. I'm just here to simp for Saya

        @小L看天下 bruh stop it, LCK fans have something...you know... Loooose screws on their heads. Lck fans are the same as the entities called BTS army. We can't do shit about them so let's just stop.

      2. 小L看天下

        @Ehsan Ullah I was just saying FPX in their best form is the only team that have a chance to beat DK. Did I mention Knight? or Worlds? or any type of Domination?

      3. Randale Comparada

        Not gonna lie though, DK with Kkoma is just overkill.

      4. Ehsan Ullah

        @Penidea the same type of dream where Knight dominated and LPL won worlds ?

      5. 小L看天下

        @Penidea dream of what?

    93. lalo fierro

      Super carry doinb wants another malphite skin

    94. bluerthanvelvet

      I’m waiting for FPX vs DK in the MSI. It will be so interesting

      1. I'm just here to simp for Saya

        Viper without Lehends is just plain garbage.

      2. Amir

        @genuu lala Viper is TRASH and this game proved it. i don't understand where this edg vs dk coming from lol

      3. Amir

        @asdicmcod asdciasdjo 32:07 look at this timing when this trash viper got hit with naguri Q lmao. Second stop talking about edg vs dk when they first have to beat FPX or even get good to be in finals.

      4. asdicmcod asdciasdjo

        @Ehsan Ullah true I’m so exited for EDG vs DK mostly.

      5. genuu lala

        @asdicmcod asdciasdjo DK bot is always the weakside, doesn''t matter if there is a huge bot gap for them if u cant beat showmaker/canyon, just look at dk vs gen.

    95. thelordoftime803

      DoinB truly shining at all times, he's a beacon of light even when it's all going bad.

      1. Ricardo Hoàng

        Tian-DoinB teamcomp is super

      2. hong ZHou

        Not with lulu

    96. Snow Ghost

      doinb best midlaner in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Snow Ghost

        @François Guyot showmaker can;'t handle doinb nautilus

      2. Cedric Lim

        @François Guyot Chovy*

      3. François Guyot


    97. TR3Y BUCKS

      FPX WIN 💥🎉 I know they will comeback after that 2-1 lead of EDG.

    98. Colin Stith

      Both these teams would be great at MSI! FPX has resurged to insane form, and this is the best I’ve seen Scout play in years!

      1. Colin Stith

        @Zero are you a time traveler with that wink lmao

      2. Alien

        @ywunbabushka #7 Khan is going to fight Nuguri and his old team. Nuguri is going to fight Khan and his old team. 2019 world champ vs 2020 world champ. Both in insane forms. If this isn’t the hypest match Idk what is.

      3. EpicShadeSlayerSauce

        @Noah Schuster yea ofc. I didnt even mention faker or goat.

      4. Noah Schuster

        @EpicShadeSlayerSauce That is very impressive, but Faker still is the all time goat in the Pro League scene.

      5. ywunbabushka #7

        @EpicShadeSlayerSauce ye the swap between khan and nuguri looks beneficital for both sides, even tho khan looks like sion otp this split lol

    99. Nasr

      Did anyone notice 32:57 Doinb camera? Doinb is such a legend, he made a clean execution of akali combo then takes a sip like nothing happened.

      1. Quốc Hoàng Đặng

        like a boss :v

      2. AAA WA

        I just love Nuguri facecam His face is literally in the monitor

      3. random neet

        The game was bit delayed from camera but yea that's sick af

      4. Reinhard Van Astrea

        Lmao smooth

    100. Jonathan Muñoz

      fly phoenix, fly

      1. Lenius

        Typical Korean teams like GenG, T1, AF, DRX play very slow. Less than 20 kills in 30 minutes. Every game DK plays, there is always atleast 20 kills in 20 minutes. LPL playstyle is literally fight every second. DK win against GenG had like 30 kills in 25 minutes.

      2. genuu lala

        @Lenius damwon don't play lpl style lol they mostly play like lck other teams too, just team diff, individual players.

      3. Urameshi OL

        @Your Dad Is Here DK play and scrim with them

      4. Your Dad Is Here

        @Lenius Damwon dont play lpl style lol

      5. ghost 141

        @Lenius damwon gonna win msi