Among us Mini crewmate Zombies - Among us Animation

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    Among us Mini crewmate Zombies - Among us Animation


    1. kittengamer

      Good thing blue throw toe mini in space

    2. César Esquivelxnxngfncnfkyh


    3. Bekir Bolat

      Mini crewmate is real name mini impostor

    4. piedra saldaña


    5. Popice Sabri

      The blue guy was so cool and the little among us is cuit

      1. Жаныл Нураева


    6. سيره _sero

      God is a creator from Iraq.

    7. Dax Velmonte

      Your are bad kid hidi oko do anigin

    8. Chyan Amin

      This is so good

    9. Jeffrey Siu

      Emm Game my, are you supports to make some new zombie video episode?? I hope it will come faster.

    10. Noah And Kelsey

      Season 2

    11. Sssniperleopard


    12. Максим тв

      Я один русский смоирё это видио

    13. Benjamin Baulch

      Make them infect pls

    14. jerome gan

      pls upload minicrewmate zombie 2

    15. The Dragon Report

      Nice one! But please have the zombies turn the crewmates into zombies rather than kill them next time! :D

    16. TEH YI KUANG Moe

      the MiniCrewmate is the imposter


      I love ur video please can u make anew airship one please

      1. STAR SHADOW

        Please can u make in zombie one on the airship

      2. Game My

        Thank you , I will think about that

    18. Luis Hernandez

      The mini deserves to be ejected for killing innocent crewmates exept purple

    19. Tahreem Naved Rehmany

      Wow!!!!!! Amazing Animation.😍😍.. I had been waiting for days. LOVE IT 😍😍💖💖💖

      1. Tahreem Naved Rehmany

        @Game My OMG!! LOVE YOU 💖💖

      2. Game My

        Glad you like it

    20. Lite Toons

      good idia

    21. Daniel Jhaman

      He just threw the mini crewmate outside

    22. Daniel Jhaman

      Cyan had the best technique

    23. H?nry


    24. Kayra

      Wow amazing work like everytime! Your videos never disappoint me 😁

      1. Game My

        Thank you for your comment

    25. Azzam Ayyasy celineder 3

      The animation is good, the message is rarely uploaded

    26. Shobha Manesh


    27. Aeneas rai

      late video angry

    28. Khayla Nnisa

      Wow the mini crew is Soo cute i love it

      1. Deimos and Sanford


      2. cute star

        So cute

    29. Azzam Ayyasy celineder 3

      Wow 👍

    30. Jargal Ayush


    31. ömer burak özen


    32. Mr. Roe Deer

      Season 2?

      1. Shobha Manesh


      2. abdo hamdi Animation

        @Shobha Manesh no but season 2 is coming out soon

      3. Shobha Manesh

        I think so