On the GEVids VIbin channel, we create highly edited Minecraft challenges and skits. All videos on this channel are my original creations, and have NOT been taken from another channel. For our short form content, we program each character individually to make a scene come to life, featuring action packed scenarios, friendship, betrayal, and more. This process can take up to 4 hours for each short form video. For longer videos, we record Minecraft challenges with a twist to the game which can be fun or hard to complete, like a Minecraft Manhunt. Sometimes, we redo these recordings for hours straight to get the perfect take. Then, I spend about 12 hours per video editing to transform each video into something the internet has never seen before! My edits include creative subtitles (going bigger or smaller based my speech or have some other kind of edit) sound effects, and memes making the video interesting for the viewer.

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  1. _H4CK3R _


  2. melonseed

    Are we gonna forget how good are his parkour skills

  3. Dari.Gulnara Qosanova

    Просто глас

  4. specificmite 395

    Why is this video 5 hours long?

  5. Nabeel Safaraz

    Herobrine is already get delete from MC(minecraft)

  6. James Koonce

    Lol I thought he would fall and Steve would save him with water and give him diamonds but it is different this time.

  7. Cayden Jace Agonoy

    inaccurate, guardians can live on and off the water and jump 1 blocks high

  8. Jacob Carter Masbate

    That actually make me so confuse

  9. Ishrat Jahan

    How did you do that, herobrine into Steve.

  10. Master doge 2

    Sign:you can only save one Him:you can't stop me because i can't read Please don't get mad at me i don't mean any harm

  11. katrina_gonzaga

    What?? Saving😂👀👀👀 is that saving

  12. Jazzey Jazz

    😡 only bullying is like it

  13. miguel laso

    Es una ilucion pero no sebetanto

  14. Underguy

    When Herobrine has reach:

  15. erikas_errikk1

    BOI pullin up with The snow gang

  16. ItsRay

    Hamood is everywhere

  17. Ardhyasa Merta Suputra

    Plot twist: herobrine just want to shot the player

  18. maqlo gaming


  19. Daniel Lopez

    I’m loosing it man what is happening!?!?!

  20. Xeplayz Everything456

    This NOW CRINGE DO SOMETHING else bruh

  21. Beatriz


  22. trinity naomi

    The first one makes me feel so dizzy😵

  23. Veda Woods

    Thank you for scaring me 😀

  24. Minecraft gaming 9

    Yes herobren 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  25. j_ smartboy

    Im have a new friend for a while in minecraft trail

  26. Griselda Lara

    I saw a dim and and dimand blocks but when I looked in his invortory the dimand was not there

  27. Bree Bryce Kiamco

    Avocados from mixsiko

  28. it,s your senyora


  29. sask uchira


  30. YafiRizky Kurniawan

    What the name song?



  32. bernard pablo

    Dream is not that dumb LOL HE WOULD STARE AT YOU AND NOT JUST LOOK AWAY 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 LOL 😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😂😂😂😂

  33. Leon Moia Caldeira

    Hardcore mode 🙃

  34. Dante Paolucci

    Omg 🥇🥇🥇😲

  35. Budiman Laontji

    Im in my brain 🤕

  36. Yuridia Miranda

    Ok this geting parity gay and old.

  37. RadeleonX

    Daily Dose Of Seizures



  39. Liza Bance