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    My brother is obsessed with this game - good to see you play it, Trav!

  2. mixmastermind

    "Let's have fun with skin color" is the scariest thing to hear in a southern accent.

  3. barkin minez

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  4. Erik Derby

    Awww I love u both

  5. explosionsofawesomeness

    I like that griffin tried to jump in but Justin said no mines funnier and then it absolutely was

  6. asmit317ify

    They're such a truly sweet couple 💗

  7. Jake Carlo

    For The King rules. Great choice, great stream

  8. Tuna Barrett

    I don't understand how you can follow the McElroy's and then be grossed out by a video title with sex in it. Do you guys listen to a different version of mbmbam or....?

  9. barkin minez

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  10. barkin minez

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  11. E Wade

    I have no intention of watching this movie, this will only ever be a feature-length video of Justin and Sydnee relaxing at home and I love that

  12. Mallice Vis

    So are the characters we see from the prologue ? *spoiler for ep 2 of the prologue* Like, I think the yellow pilote man could be Fineas, and the lady could be the one who stole things for the batospheres etc... I feel like it gives a whole new sense of discovery in the trailer each time we have another episode, I love it !

  13. Grumbles

    I love that they gilded the lily so hard that the final monster looks more normal than it does 10:00 in.

  14. atapper10

    Aw man, I know this is all terrible advice but the ace in me is LOVING the author's distain for sex

  15. Jesin

    I love you both "5 stars"

  16. Jesin

    Justin makes the world a brighter place.

  17. Bryan Holt

    When Kingdoms Fall, The sea Provides, a Home for all Beneath the Tides

  18. john bow

    Hey!! Where can the other EPs of F&F&J&S be found?

    1. john bow

      Oh, okay, they said it now.

  19. Tuna Barrett

    My niece also said "reg-lee-uh" when she was a kid and it stuck with the rest of the family. I can't say it properly anymore 😪

  20. Abi Walls

    ✨good parents alert✨ how sweet that he asked dot if she wanted to say hi, and listened when she didn’t!! it’s the little things 💜

  21. jamacgre1

    We use subtitles as well. In addition to kids my wife has hearing loss. But one benefit is finding the names of sweet background songs.

  22. Ristro44

    Yoooo! I also have a spooky living room. Heck yeah

  23. Tom Hudson

    I know Griffin has a Greedy, Wrathful, Stubborn, Impatient baby of his own now but I NEED a follow-up to this!

  24. Ben Weiner

    So Tokyo Drift isn’t a great MOVIE but Han is the best character in the series so getting there is dope

  25. Kyle Miller

    1) Yes, thank you for bringing this back 2) It's about family? ...I think it's mostly about cars

  26. asdfasdf1331

    Fine. You all got me. I was going to do the $5 tier, but this was so enjoyable, and I listened to MBMBandTravis in the shower this morning and that made me order Taco Bell for lunch, so I went with the $10 tier. You're all awesome and great, and I wish I could commute (so I could listen to podcasts not in the shower) and that my commute was longer (so I could listen to more). :D

  27. asdfasdf1331

    Pukenator was totally the answer I came up with in my head. I hope it's not a house answer!

  28. Rando Plants

    Ginger ale and whiskey sounds nice for a hot day

  29. sydney schmidt

    “Group it n roup it”🥤💨

  30. Dweeb Bandit

    Saw bones is pretty cool, but have you watch fast and sometimes furious cars and their drivers?

  31. Najork

    Make it Mac Toniiiiight

  32. Christopher Nolan

    I'm watching a bit after the stream ended but Justin there's this 90s FMV game that I've been trying to figure out the name of I was a pirate possibly even treasure island game I haven't been able to find the name of anywhere.

    1. Christopher Nolan

      I eat my words I just found it and it was Treasure Island Interactive

  33. Bethany Davenport


  34. Troy Nall

    Never cross the streams.

  35. hailee nicole henson

    I'm a woman with simple tastes I see Sydnee Mcelroy i click instantly

  36. ziggy071621

    Baby faaaacccceeeee!!!

  37. Troy Nall

    Could I get on a email list on when you will do this live stream again?

  38. Lex Stafford

    no literal fucking way they got jesse eisenberg

  39. D K

    Side look at 3:40

  40. Christian del Valle

    Juice got that wagon on em 😍

    1. Christian del Valle

      Hey Justin can you give us the recipe for that cake

  41. K Ball

    Ngl jealous of the drip on j man

  42. Theo Parlin

    They are the best

  43. Dominic Gamboa


  44. Sahesh Yadav

    Risk gameler

  45. Ben Walkup

    Have they recorded the other movies? Can I get these sick commentary tracks somewhere?

    1. Poplar Kid

      @Ben Walkup I found it under sawbones on the maxfun website

    2. Conner Wilson

      @Ben Walkup Fast & Furious & Justin & Sydnee has its own RSS feed.

    3. Ben Walkup

      @Poplar Kid Is it in the RSS feed for the bonus content? Can't seem to find it... Am I searching the wrong title?

    4. Poplar Kid

      actually I just checked and I think they have discussion episodes but not commentary tracks

    5. Poplar Kid

      you can get access to the content beginning at the $5/mo level

  46. Ry Barthels

    Good to see that the mic from TIBAS still has a thriving career!

  47. Livin4thelamb

    As soon as I clicked to watch, the stream ended XD

    1. Rob Moon Jr


  48. Ric Vicious

    18:02 LOL! Pretty sure Justin wasn't a fan because this one looked a lot like him!

  49. Catie Kent

    I've never seen this game before but it looks fun!

  50. Ric Vicious

    It sucks that Pat wasn't here for this trilogy! He's knowledgeable, and has got such a great energy for this!

  51. acharliebrownlife

    Stream starts at 4:42

    1. Hannah Franke

      Thank you!

  52. Kayti Thorn

    Thanks for all of the wholesome stream content during the drive, Trav. <3

  53. Kalen Carslaw

    23:00 "Outrage sparked by Hasbro's redesign of Mrs. Potato Head"

  54. Jory Corvid

    So does literally every max fun thing need Travis?

    1. FattieMcBibbles

      If he is organizing it, then yes.

  55. B. Omar Hester

    Can anyone loan me a single bitcoin, I wanna split it with Travis and the folks at max fund!

  56. Great Scott

    Why does Griffin do none of this garbage content? I'm so fucking tired of Travis' face after the last 15 months jesus christ I think his mom killed herself just to get away from him

  57. Cal Friedman

    21:12 It’s them...the cool baby

  58. Claudia Phoenix

    Thanks for the West Coast and Australia-friendly stream!

  59. Zach H

    starts at 1:05

    1. andrineslife

      Thank you!

  60. Keira Dickson

    among us

    1. Joshua Booth

      Hey everybody, for real,

  61. nicolegend

    "you have to be under two... for a lap child" has made me CRY laughing every time ive heard it

  62. nommable

    the aboslute absurdist chaos of this stream had me laughing so hard I choked on my water and started dying, which seemed oddly appropriate

  63. Harley M

    Does travis want to be guy fieri?

  64. Justin Theis

    gonna give this video the benefit of the doubt and assume its funny because the title alone gave me psychic damage and im fine with just not watching it

  65. annaliza

    I feel like WWE2K20 was a prophet warning us of the trials ahead in the year of our Lord 2020.

  66. J. M.

    Bummed that griffins bby arrival coincided with max fun, and now all we have is griffinless content ._.

    1. alilaro

      he had a baby. what do you want from him? obviously his child is way more important than some weirdo stranger online.

  67. Justin Watson

    If there's a degree on his wall, I haven't seen it.

    1. MrDelirious

      But, it's like...right behind him! From Totally Real University and everything!

    2. John The Dork


  68. Jesse Thornock

    Them jutting this forehead all the way up near the beginning activated all the acid stuck in my spine at once

  69. Cas March

    Travis directly inspired me to dye my hair purple and here I am, betrayed by the middlest brother.

  70. august marquez

    You have got to be kidding you guys with the title like please why would you do this

  71. CaptainLiv

    Teresa's hair is so beautiful

  72. James Jones

    Damn they knew Travis almost ruined the show dropping this so fast lmao

  73. Olivia Rosario

    I still haven't started Graduation.

  74. J G

    i keep coming back...

  75. Haburd

    you ppl: travis supports the LGBTQ+ community and has for a long time you know he admitted recently that he does that shit for attention right

    1. Haburd

      @Joe Pringle tl;dr

    2. Joe Pringle

      @Haburd You see much more effective your arguments can be when you make a simple note of your sources?

    3. Haburd

      @Alex Franklin except he has literally never improved himself lmao. everytime hes admitted to wanting to be the center of attention he makes an apology and then never changes

    4. Alex Franklin

      @Matt Keir So he both supports the LGBT community _and_ is making sincere efforts to be a better ally? I think I'm fine with this.

    5. Haburd

      @Joe Pringle see? there it is right above me. simple search of his twitter. don't put words in my mouth next time and just do the work yourself lmao

  76. Apolo Trevent IV.5

    Set dressing tips, staright out of twitter dont come. If you got a serious message and a joke message, try not pin them in a way that looks like they are in the exact piece of paper

    1. Chris Dimaculangan

      @Joe Pringle "straight out of twitter dot com" is what they meant most likely

    2. Joe Pringle

      @Chris Dimaculangan ok that's a fair point, it was just the "straight out of Twitter don't come" part that threw me off. No sure what they were trying to say there

    3. CaptainLiv

      Using basic analytical skills should prevent any confusion here.

    4. Chris Dimaculangan

      ​@Joe Pringle papers in the background are pinned in a way where it *really* looks like he wrote "TRANS RIGHTS also i am a sexpert look at my degree :')" on the same paper, the optics of which are.....iffy lol

    5. Joe Pringle


  77. Fischer Price

    This was absolutely unwatchable but the seventeen audios layered on top of each other was the icing on the cake.. i was almost disappointed when yall figured it out

  78. Naomi Javor

    Happy birthday! This was so funny and y’all are adorable. Love 💜